Your Home’s Plumbing System and the Water Damage it Can Bring

Natural phenomena aren’t the only disasters that can cause serious harm and wreckage to your home. Water damage can just as easily happen to your abode from the inside, with some of the most common culprits being faulty components of the plumbing system. The worst thing is, this can occur at any given time, although you’re at even higher risk during Canada winters when burst pipes are quite common.

Understanding what causes indoor flooding is key to protecting your home. Just as important though is to know the value of professional restoration services following water damage.

From freezing to bursting

As a Canadian resident, you know how far below zero the temperature gets. What you most likely have overlooked is how the weather can severely affect all those water pipes inside your home. Always keep in mind that whenever the weather starts to go down, your home’s plumbing pipes are at risk of freezing up. From their state of frozenness, it only takes very little for them to burst and flood your house from the inside.

And when this takes place, your risk for water damage significantly increases.

Insulating your pipes: A critical preventive measure

One of the best gifts you can give your house is plumbing insulation. This considerably reduces the possibility of your pipes freezing and expanding to the point of bursting. Proper insulation keeps them warm throughout the chilly days of winter, which then significantly minimizes the odds of them expanding to the point of rupturing and showering your home with an endless supply of water.

Keep in mind though, that while prevention is better than cure, it’s not enough that you implement these safeguarding measures. Just as crucial is knowing what to do when it happens, so that you can react promptly and save your home – and your wallet – from indoor flooding.