The core of Twisted Stitcher’s existence is its community of experts and professionals in home improvement. If you have relevant knowledge and experience in areas like redecoration, home and garden maintenance, or interior design, consider sharing your DIY ideas with the twistedstitcher.com community.

We publish user-generated content every week on our Featured page, as a means of empowering our audience. Giving our patrons a chance to post their ideas and projects opens up new opportunities, utilizing the demographic scope of twistedstitcher.com.

Please be advised that submissions (classified accordingly) should comply with our Content Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Featured Project – this category puts the spotlight on contributors’ DIY projects such as remodeled kitchens/bathrooms, themed gazebos, recycled furniture, etc. Please provide a concise guide to emulating your project, which must be your own design and construction.
  1. Listicles – Short for list articles, submissions like these should feature unique design and improvement tips/advice for materials and techniques. Do not copy from other sites or magazine articles. Come up with something new.
  1. Product/Service Review – some people don’t like to bother with DIY projects, and instead would rather hire professionals or contractors. If you have experience with these companies or individuals, do share it with the community. Provide a review containing the product/contractor’s extent of services, the cost, pros and cons, and the results of the project. Assign a rating out of five stars to give our users an idea of their quality of service.
  1. Seasonal Picks – Submissions for this category must be relevant to the appropriate season, and not just winter, summer, etc. You may also discuss New Year’s, Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas seasons in your article, and how they inspire your advice or designs.
  2. Party Guide – Suggest some awesome tips on how to spice up house parties. You can write about recommended recipes, party decorations, and even weekend getaways to keep guests and companions entertained.