Why You Should Go For a Twin Mattress

If another uncomfortable night looms and you’re tired of waking up in the morning unrefreshed, you don’t have to buy a new bed immediately. Perhaps you can just get a new mattress and enjoy a blissful, peaceful night’s sleep.

Research from the University of Leeds in the UK found that sharing a bed with a partner could actually be harmful to health. Turning over in bed continually and going to bed at different times are just two of the reasons bed sharing can hurt health and relationships.

Partner-caused insomnia can result in exhaustion, irritability, anxiety and depression. If the problem is long-term, it could even bring on a heart attack or a stroke. Sleep deprivation is such a big issue that it is driving people to divorce courts. One solution is to get twin mattresses.

The Twin Mattress Solution

Getting a twin mattress in Salt Lake City means that while the couple sleeps in the same bed, each have their own mattress. This has several advantages:

Less Sagging of the Mattress

Large mattresses are more likely to sag in the middle. Single mattresses retain their shape more easily, reducing the likelihood of backache. Some twin mattresses are remote controlled so the user can adjust them to a comfortable position.

Less Chance of Sleep Disturbance

As the mattresses are individual, there will be less movement when one partner gets up in the night or turns over.

Accommodates Different Partner Preferences

If one has an illness or arthritis and would rather sleep slightly raised, while the other lies flat, a twin mattress is the answer.

You deserve a good night’s sleep and a healthy marital relationship. Buy the right mattress so you can enjoy every restful night together.