Why Cedar Wood Is the Best For Your Garden Shed

A garden shed
Nowadays garden sheds are made from different materials from wood to metal and even from plastic. There are many reasons why you should go for a cedar wood garden shed. Cedar is a soft wood and is a popular option for outdoor buildings due to its many natural characteristics. Here are the reasons why this wood should be your preferred option for your garden shed.

Attractive Finish

One of the reasons why garden shed manufacturers prefer cedar is because it has a good finish and blends well with the natural environment. Cedar has a very fine and straight grain which gives it an attractive finish. The different colours of the wood are also attractive. It is also appealing due to its refreshing natural wood aroma which gives it a wholesome appeal. If painted by an expert under the right conditions will retain its texture and give your garden shed a pleasing colour.


Many types of wood might warp especially in humid conditions, but cedar’s stability will make it stay straight and flat. It is also less likely to warp or swell due to its thermal insulating characteristics. Its cell cavities are high and filled with air which makes it a good quality for exterior siding. It will retain a distinguished appearance for your shed.

Decay Resistant

The fibres in cedar have natural compounds that are natural preservatives which make the wood last. Compared to other softwoods, cedar is more resistant to rot, and when given a proper finish it will last for decades.

Insect Resistance

The natural environment where you are going to place your garden shed might have many insects, but a cedar garden shed can repel them. Its natural oils are unattractive to insects such as termites, eliminating the likelihood that insects will infest your garden shed.
You now have four reasons why you should choose cedar for your garden shed. The wood is attractive, it is stable, and it is rot and insect resistant.