What You’re Doing to Damage Your Air-Conditioner

Man examining an air conditioner

Any air-conditioning unit should last up to 15 years, but an air-conditioner that does not take long to conk out has probably seen a lot of abuse. Here are some ways you might be damaging your air-conditioner:

You Never Have it Serviced

Most people call for AC repair in Salt Lake City when the unit has stopped working. What protects your AC from damage in the first place, is to call your technician to have it serviced regularly. An annual check should be enough to keep your AC from developing a serious problem. Every service visit will cost you some money, but if you neglect your AC for so long that it becomes irreparable, the repair costs could be costly.

Wrong AC

If you buy an AC, make sure it is the right one for your home. Make sure the insulation of your home works, so the AC isn’t forced to work too hard. Your AC’s power should match the size of the room. One that is too small is going to work harder and longer to cool a large room. An AC that’s too powerful for a small room uses up too much energy and could cause your energy bill to go higher.

You Ignore the Ice

If ice is building up on your AC, something is off. The unit may be working too hard because it’s trying to cool a large or uninsulated room. Or it might need more refrigerant. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of cleaning the filter. If your AC stops blowing cool air and you notice ice formations, shut it down to thaw and call your technician.

You Don’t Replace the Filter

Cleaning or replacing the filter can extend the service life of your unit. Dirt on the filter restricts airflow, so your unit works harder and hotter, which will eventually damage it.

Your AC should be able to do its job reasonably well for over 15 years. Make sure you don’t ignore the following signs and make your air-conditioning unit last for a long time.