What Quality of Water Shortens Your Heater’s Lifespan?

Hard water impacts your life in many different ways, although you might not immediately feel it. Although you won’t get sick from drinking water that has a high hardness rating, you’ll see its effects soon enough. One of the biggest consequences of continued use of hard water is the premature failure of water heaters.

Costly damages of hard water

The hardness of water comes from the amount of calcium and magnesium it contains. Both minerals, although useful and beneficial to the human body, can result in your water-using appliances sustaining costly damages.

For instance, the continuous flow and supply of hard water to water heaters causes scale buildup, due to the dissolved minerals. Scale forms when the minerals the water contains go through the system’s heating process. The sediments accumulate in the water heater and over time, will act as an insulation for the water and make the heating equipment work harder than necessary.

The cause of premature heater failure

A huge contributor to early breakdowns of hot water heating systems, hard water indeed causes homeowners unnecessary expenses. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC reminds that homeowners without water softener devices can expect their heaters to fail prematurely, requiring them to spend a lot of money on a replacement unit.

This is a common result of the scale creating some sort of heating chamber that often causes the device to overheat. Continuous overheating will then result in the system to burn out and not to mention, consumption of greater-than-necessary amounts of energy as it struggles to heat the water adequately.

The dangerous situations overheating systems

Anything that overheats can cause injuries, and this applies to water heaters. Aside from causing serious damages to your heating system, the minerals that have built up in it can also lead to an explosion. This can result from the high pressure that builds up as the heater struggles to warm up the water.

Hard water isn’t something you should disregard, especially since it can cause dangerous explosions. So as early as now, consider investing in a high-quality water softener.