What Homeowners Should Know About Ice Dams

Ice On A Roof and Rain Gutter

The majority of ice dams build up on the lowest edge of the roof. Heat escapes into the roof space or attic and causes the creation of ice dams. When the heat increases and begins to melt the snow on the roof’s edge, it becomes an ice dam. However, these dams could not occur without snow on the roof; so proper maintenance and ice dam removal is something that homeowners in Minneapolis must always do.

Here are some things about ice dams that a homeowner should know.

1. Ice dams have nothing to do with gutters.

If the house is prone to getting ice dams, then the build-up of these shelves of ice is more likely to happen.

2. Adequate home insulation can prevent ice dams.

When it comes to ice dams, a home with an improper insulation is considered just as bad as a home with no insulation as it obstructs proper ventilation. Failure to address the air leakage into the rafter spaces or the attic will not prevent ice dams from forming regardless of the number of insulation installed.

3. Ice dams cause problems regardless of the roof’s size.

One misconception about ice dams is that the steeper the roof, the bigger the problem since it creates thicker ice dams. The truth is, even a one-inch thick ice dam can already cause a huge problem.

Minneapolis ice dam removal services offer insurance policies that cover the damages caused by ice dams. These companies provide services such as repairing water pipes, cosmetic and structural damage, and the removal of ice dams.

As for an ice dam that has not caused any damage, homeowners should know how to remove it themselves since it is a part of regular home maintenance. Through some preventive measures and regular roof checks, ice dams can be prevented.