Various Types of Estate Gates and their Features.


Although driveway gates can seem cost superfluous, they’re a necessity for everyone. They keep unauthorized people off your living space. Gates are available in various types, sizes and designs to complement your home security system.

Here are gate types and their features to help you choose what will work best for you.

1. Manual vs. Automatic Gates

If you’re contemplating on purchasing an estate gate, choose whether you will need to install an automatic or manual type. Your budget will also help you decide the type of gate to choose. Suffice to say that you have to consider the cost of the gate itself, the installation, and maintenance.

Case in point, an automatic gate will cost much more in the initial and installation. Whereas, the manual gate type costs more on maintenance and operation.

2. Bi – Parting Gates

This is a sophisticated type best for homeowners looking at enhancing security and keeping aesthetics in check. Bi-parting gates come in a myriad of designs to blend in with almost every estate’s demand. Choose between the bi-parting scroll gates which goes up or the type that swings sideways.

By-parting gates can be costly and may need frequent maintenance because of the dual powering motors in the opening and closing process.

3. Sliding Gates

Made of a single metal or fence that retracts, sliding gates have a simple design. They are also more durable than bi-parting gates. They are less expensive on initial and installation cost. They are also easy to maintain.

Above are some of the gates that you might consider when shopping for estate gates. Go for the type that fits your budget and convenience. Or you can choose the one that blends in with other security features such as lighting and fencing.