Transforming an Unused Outdoor Area Into an Outdoor Living Space

Residential backyard deck

Do you have an unused backyard, courtyard, or balcony that you want to turn into a living space? Your focus should be on how to get more use of it and design it to make it functional.

Having an extra living space not only gives you more room in your home; it could likewise increase your home’s value. Below are some ideas to help you get started on your project.

What Do You Really Need?

Decide what you really want the space to be, particularly if your space is small. Do you want it to be a sanctuary for you and your family or a place for entertaining guests and for parties? Your answer would help you figure out what outdoor furniture to get and whether or not you need to add an outdoor kitchen or barbecue.

Add Some Shade

An umbrella or awning would ensure that you could use your space come rain or shine. Opt for an umbrella or retractable awning if you have a small space to work with.

Add Ample Seating

Any living space requires ample seating. A bar with stools or chairs and tables offer enough space for gatherings. Armchairs and sofas encourage lounging and relaxation, as do swings and hammocks.

For small spaces, you could maximise seating by using ottomans and benches. When looking at outdoor benches and other furniture for sale, make sure that they are weather resistant and could stand up to different weather changes.

Set the Mood

String or rope lights are cheap and could easily transform the ambience of your outdoor space. They are instant mood lifters and would add a festive mood to your space.

When designing the perfect outdoor living space, keep in mind its main purpose. Whether you are planning on strictly using it for family use or for hosting parties, your outdoor living space must match its purpose perfectly.