Tips for Finding Stylish and Functional Doors for Your Property

Close up of a sliding doorHaving functional doors that complement your property can certainly make it more inviting. It can also help you maximise your space or add more natural light to your interiors. But choosing the right kind of stylish doors can be challenging when you don’t know where to start. There are many types of doors, including folding, double and sliding internal doors in Australia. To help you decide, here are some tips:

When sliding doors work well

Sliding doors are ideal for properties with limited space or those with wide walls. These are a great option for many homes and offices because they don’t need space for the door to swing inside or out. The glass panels also allow more light and give you a good view, especially if it opens up to a nice patio or scenic terrace. Just take note that there are sliding doors that cannot be fully opened, as both panels have to be on one side.

Where folding doors work best

Folding doors or bi-folding sliding doors may require a meter or so of space for the panels to fold. This is a good option if you want to open up an entire wall of your property and connect it to exterior spaces like a lovely al fresco balcony or garden. This type of door hangs on a top track similar to a curtain, along with hidden floor tracks. They open by folding outwards or inwards, with most people choosing to open outwards to utilize more space inside a room.

The ideal setup for double doors

Double doors or French doors are well suited for properties with high and wide walls. Double doors are usually found in classic architecture, where some traditionally designed properties are known to have high ceilings and large windows. It looks stylish and dramatic, with hinged doors that open both inside and out. Depending on its placement, double doors can let moderate light into interiors while allowing you to open them completely.

These tips should be able to help you decide on what type of stylish door will suit your space. Just remember to get in touch with a professional door company that offers high-quality sliding and folding door systems to know more about your options.