Three Ways to Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Summer

trimmed lawn

Summer is here again, and the extreme heat is taking a toll on our lawns yet again. Prevent your yard from turning brown and brittle with these lawn care tips to keep it healthy through the season.

Water Early

Soil temperatures are higher in the middle of the day, reducing the amount of water that reaches the soil due to evaporation. In Utah, lawn care starts with an efficient watering schedule because the summers get extremely hot. When watering is done early in the morning, between the hours of 3 AM to 8 AM, soil temperature is still low, and water absorption is better. This keeps your lawn hydrated enough to withstand the midday heat.

Mow High

Keep your grass a little taller as the summer heat intensifies. Taller grass grows deeper roots and provides shade to the lawn. Also, it helps the soil retain moisture longer and reduces the temperature of the earth. As you mow higher than usual, you should also do so more frequently to ensure that less than half of the grass is trimmed at a time. This also keeps the grass at an ideal height and keeps the clippings from overwhelming the lawn; you can leave them there as a natural fertilizer.

Fertilize Right

Other than naturally fertilizing the lawn with grass clippings, regularly fertilizing your lawn before the summer ensures it stays lush through the season. If you must fertilize within the summer, use organic types that reduce the risk of burning the lawn. The best time to start fertilizing the yard is in the spring, right before the summer season begins.

Weed Out

Don’t let those weeds outshine your lawn grass. Pull them out before they even start to produce seeds that will grow into a new batch of problems next summer. Prevent this from happening by having landscaping experts provide proper lawn care for you. This ensures the longevity of your lawn and its overall health despite being under the harsh summer heat.

Keeping your lawn healthy in summer involves having an efficient watering schedule, mowing at the right height, fertilizing at the right time, and getting the help of experts. These care techniques will ensure that your lawn stays healthy throughout the season.