Three Shady Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

eating outdoorsMost people look for outdoor spaces for their homes. It may be a large yard, a patio, or a garden. You can get plenty of air and sunlight that can make your home a beautiful place to live. However, during the summer months, the sun can get fierce. You want some outdoor sun shades to provide some relief. 

Here are three shady ideas for outdoor spaces:


An awning from is a great option to provide outdoor shade. They are easy to install and come in many stylish designs. You can choose from the simplest roll out to remote controlled retractable awnings. Awnings are also versatile. They work for both sun and rain. You can open it on the sunniest or rainiest of days. You can close it on balmy or comfortably sunny days and nights for a nice view of the sky. They are also quite safe from extreme weather. You can keep it from blowing away in a storm or bogging down by snow by simply closing it.

Sun sail

If you have a patio or other structure you can use as anchors, a sun sail is a great option for creating shade for your outdoor spaces. Sun sails are triangular pieces of waterproof and reflective fabric that look like sails. You can attach each of the three points to poles, trees, or hooks to provide you with shade. You can put in a few of them in strategic locations for a stylish look.


Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. You can get good quality patio umbrellas online or from the local home depot for a small cost. They are portable, so you can put them where you need them. They can also be quite attractive if you choose the right one for your space. You do have to get a weighted base for it if you want to keep them portable. Most patio umbrellas do not come with one. You can also bolt it down if you want it in a permanent location.

Outdoor sun shades do not have to be expensive or hard to put in. These three shady ideas are cost-effective and easy to install. These will make your sunny days more comfortable.