Things You Should Never Drop in the Drain or Toilet

There are many things people do that cause blockages and backups in their drains. These are common problems that can be easily avoided, starting with not using your drains as garbage disposals. Here are some items you shouldn’t throw into your sinks or toilet bowl:

  • Cooking oil or grease. Even butter or the fats you remove from food should not end up in the kitchen sink. When hot, oil can damage parts of your plumbing. When cool, it will congeal and cause a sticky blockage.
  • Rice and bread. Even if you have a disposal unit, that should be the last line of defense. Remove food leftovers like rice, bread, pasta, chicken bones, and fish bones from dishes and throw them in the garbage. Some of these items expand and cause serious clogging.
  • Hair. This is the most common reason for drain blockages in the shower or bathtub. Instead of going straight to the shower, brush your hair first to get rid of most of the falling hair. If you see hair on the floor or on the drain trap, remove it and put it in the trash.
  • “Flushable” items. Some products like baby wipes and toilet paper are marked as “flushable.” Even so, better to be safe than sorry. Dispose of these items in the garbage and take the garbage out every day. Having too many “flushable” objects going down your drain or toilet seat can still cause clogs.
  • Feminine hygiene products. Tampons and napkins should never end up in the toilet.
  • Coffee grounds. Even if your coffee grounds are fine, they do not dissolve and can easily collect somewhere in your drain. Throw grounds in the trash, not in the sink.

To remove clogs easily and safely, here are a couple of tips:

  • Call a plumber. The best way to remove a clog is to trust a professional to do your drain cleaning in Salt Lake City. A professional knows how to remove clogs safely using the right tools or safe chemicals.
  • Use a plunger. The good-old plunger is still the safest way to remove a clog in the toilet. A plunger can loosen up debris like a dropped soap. Avoid using chemicals, however, as these may be risky for you and your family or your pets, and they may cause corrosion in the pipes, causing damage to your plumbing.

Keeping your drains from getting clogged and backing up can save you from nasty inconveniences. Follow this advice and avoid using your drains and toilet for anything other than their intended purpose.