The Restoration Process: What to Expect after Fire Damage

When a fire breaks out in a home or business site, it results in damage to property. This could be in terms of items burning down or smoke and soot spreading all over.

The role of any company offering fire damage restoration services in Salt Lake City is to reverse the effects of the fire and fix the indirect damage. Below are the steps followed during property reinstatement following fire damage.

Initial contact

When you make a call, the restoration company will get in touch with you immediately. They will then offer an emergency response to prevent further damage. To give immediate relief, they will act fast in addressing the causative agents.


This marks the beginning of the restoration process. It seeks to establish the extent of the damage. The company will inspect your property to determine how far the destruction went, how badly affected other areas were, and the extent of smoke and soot damage. Establishing the extent of damage helps in planning the course of action. It also ensures that an accurate quotation on cost and time it will take to finish.


After evaluating damage, the service provider will clean up. They will eliminate remnants from the burning, clear up soot, smoke, and dust from affected surfaces. They will also deodorize your property to get rid of any odor. They will then remove and dispose of any items that damaged beyond repair.


Once your property is cleaned up, the next step is to offer repairs and renovations. This will see broken items fixed and those burned replaced. The walls will be repainted, and wallpapers reinstalled. At this stage, the aim is to restore the status of your home and leave it looking better.

Once restoration is over, the service provider will offer information on the completed work. They may advise how to prevent such occurrences in the future through the installation of smoke detectors to help identify the fire early enough.