The Nasty Things That Lurk in Your Carpet

The only reason many people seek out professional carpet cleaning is when their carpets have stubborn stains. Spills, stains and spots are however not the only things you should worry about when it comes to your carpet. The truth is what is invisible to your naked eyes is what should concern you most.

There are many nasty things you cannot see that dirty carpets harbor that regular vacuuming cannot remove. Only professional carpet cleaning companies in Salt Lake County can get rid of these offensive things that have found a home in your carpet. Here are some of the invisible stuff you need expert carpet cleaners.


Bed bugs can comfortably find a home in your carpet fibers and wooden floorboards. Knotted wool carpets can house ‘’woolly bears’’ and beetle grubs that munch on your carpet. Carpets near fireplaces are an ideal place for firebrats to hide. Caterpillars can also use your carpet to make cocoons in the deep cavities of its fibers. Warm, humid carpets are also suitable for dust mites.


For pets, infants, and children who spend most of their time on the carpet, allergens are a potential threat to their health. Pet dander, pollen, dust, cigarette ash and mold spores trapped in your carpet fibers can instigate life-threatening immune responses in allergic inpiduals. The allergens can also lead to an increase in allergic conditions in your family.


Bacteria can survive in dirty carpets for up to a month. Staphylococcus aureus, one of the superheroes of penicillin resistance, is rampant in dirty carpets. Campylobacter, Aspergillus and enterococci are some of the scary bacteria that thrive in your carpet.

Your lovely carpet could be the cause of recurrent infections in the home. Ensure you professionally clean it at least once yearly to protect your home from these nasty contaminants. Your family deserves a healthy home environment.