The Health and Safety Risks of Manually Boring Post Holes

wooden fence, with sky in background

The Bay of Plenty is a progressive region ideal for starting a home or business, and property owners may choose to redevelop their land to suit their purpose. Post hole boring contractors in Bay of Plenty, suggest that before assuming any project, consulting professionals can help property owners save time and money, as well as reduce health and safety risks.

Post holes are done for fence and tree planting. However, boring post holes manually is time-consuming and labour-intensive. The intensity of the challenge varies depending on the site of the project, whether the surface to be drilled is soil or concrete.

Tools and devices are available to ease the job of boring post holes. However, the task poses health and safety risks not only to the person executing the work but also to the people in the surrounding area.

Here are the top risks of manually boring post holes:

Damaging Utility Lines

Boring post holes can damage pipes that serve as conduits for water lines, electricity lines and telecommunication lines installed underground. Even with a blueprint of the property that includes the utility lines, dislodged markers can cause inaccuracy. Extreme weather conditions or natural occurrences, such as tectonic movements, for instance, can move markers.

Harming Plants and Animals

Tree roots and small animal habitats can be found in untreated areas like grasslands. These are sometimes buried well underground and can take a few feet before being discovered.

Mishandling of Equipment

Even the most experienced contractors are exposed to health and safety risks when operating heavy machinery. Using a tool for boring post holes like shovels, clamshell diggers, tile spades and digging bars, and even devices like an auger are time-consuming and labour-intensive. Insufficient training or accidents such as digging into a hard surface can lead to severe injuries.

Manually boring post holes in a property seem cost-efficient upfront, but professional assistance helps achieve a stronger and more aesthetically appealing project while minimising risks.