The Definitive Checklist for Winter Landscaping

People playing in the snow

Commercial landscaping can add a unique touch to your business and how your customers see it. That’s why most business owners prefer hiring commercial landscaping services in Raleigh to do the job for them. However, most commercial establishments find it challenging to maintain their landscape during the coldest months.
So, what can you do to prepare your landscaping for the winter season?

Prepare the blankets

Exposure to the cooler temperature can affect plant growth. That’s why it’s essential to prepare the blankets early so the plants will be well-maintained. It’s ideal to prepare blankets and quilts for the plants so the cold temperature won’t seep through the soil.

Keep it clean

Another great and easy advice that you may want to consider is to maintain how it looks by removing all the fallen leaves and branches even before the cold season begins. Leaves tend to rot and can attract insect infestation and mold growth, which may cause damages in the long run.

Refrain from using plastic

Don’t use any plastic material to cover your plants. Moisture tends to condense inside the cover, which can freeze because of the reduction in temperature. This occurrence can burn the plants and damage it.

Avoid lawn traffic

You may want to reduce lawn maintenance during the cold season. Plants tend to get weak during the winter season, so avoid walking on the landscape too much to give the plants enough time to rest.

Consider adding mulch

Once great way to insulate your plants and trees is by adding mulch. It’s also a great way to dispose of any dead branches in your landscape.

It’s always best to prepare for the winter as early as possible. You may want to keep a close watch on the forecast as soon as you feel the chill in the air, so you’ll have enough time to manage your landscape before winter sets in.