Termite Infestation: The Likely Attractants in Your Home

What Attracts Termites Into Your Home

Termites are destructive and could cost a lot in damages. Unfortunately, they’re not easy to detect and it requires a trained eye to know where they have infested. Proper extermination is also necessary to curb further damage.

At times, though, this is barely enough and your home may still keep getting infested. This requires you to evaluate what could be encouraging them to thrive in your home. Here are some examples:

Wood Components

When wood is in direct contact with the soil, it offers a conducive environment for termites to thrive. If you get the services of a professional termite control in Boca Raton or anywhere in Florida, they’ll inspect your home thoroughly.

In addition to offering a lasting solution, they’ll also point out attractants. These may include wood debris, cardboard boxes, lumber, firewood, or any other wood products. If you store them against foundations or close to the house, termites will attack them and easily access your home.

The same goes for dead roots, dense vegetation, and tree stumps located close to the house. Keep wood components away from the house to prevent infestation and have the doors, windows, wood sidings above ground level to avoid direct contact with the soil.

Poor Drainage

Moisture attracts termites. When the soil close to the foundation is always wet, they’re likely to infest your home. Keep your gutters, splash blocks, and downspouts well maintained. Direct water away from the building and always repair any crack or leak. Where necessary, grade the ground on the foundation so it slopes and the water flows away. If not possible, install drains or tiles around where the water flows.


Mulching benefits your plants while adding to the aesthetics of your landscape. As it retains moisture efficiently and offers additional insulation against extreme temperatures, mulch also attracts termites quite easily. Use it sparingly and avoid contact with the sidings to curb infestations.

Your home has many openings, which termites can use as entry points. While avoiding the causative agents will help keep them away, always call in the experts in case you suspect an infestation.