Storm Doors and How to Buy Them

The first thing one should do during winter is to keep the heat in and the cold out to allow their HVAC unit to work at its best. Therefore, choosing the right storm door is a must for every household.

Storm doors can be bought in local hardware stores in Salt Lake City, or even online. But before choosing the type that you want for your home here are some things you have to know and keep in mind.

Things to consider when buying a storm door:

Size and configuration

Storm and screen doors usually come as a package. When choosing a storm door, make sure it is the right size and fits your frame well. Most storm doors are sold as prehung units. Meaning they have hinges on one side and can easily be installed. Nowadays, such doors can easily be done as a DIY project if one has the right construction skill.

Frame and glass

You can customize your door depending on your home’s exterior. Frames can be cut into full-view, mid-view, or high view based on your preference. There are also different types of glass and color you can choose from that can add to your home’s aesthetic touch.


The most important aspect when it comes to choosing the right storm door is its construction. All storm doors have a solid wooden foundation and a permanently bonded skin of aluminum with an enamel finish. Aside from checking the materials, do check the hinges and the sturdiness of your chosen door before making the purchase.


Quality doors always come with warranty, usually limited lifetime warranty. Make sure yours has a warranty included before you make your purchase.

Do not compromise on the quality of your storm doors. Not only would it keep you warm and keep your electricity bills down, but it would also keep your home safe and secure.