Signs you have Rodents in your Home

Rat in a cup

One of the worst fears of every homeowner is to have something live with them without them knowing. Looking into your attic might give you the answer for those weird noises at night and suddenly disappearing food. Many animals could spawn in a household.

Yes, your home is likely infested with rodents. If you are still not yet convinced that you need to a residential pest control to free your home in Mayaguez, Puerto of pests, the following signs of an infested house might help you.


You might not catch them on the act, but rodents leave trails called droppings in areas they have visited. Check your cupboards, cabinets, and attic as these are the common places they stay or nest at. The more frequent the rodent is in one place, the more droppings can be seen.

Gnaw marks

Gnaw marks on food packs, carton boxes, papers, or even in your furniture is an obvious sign that you have rodents at home. The bigger the marks, the bigger the rodent is.

Squeaking noise

The noise you hear in the middle of the night probably won’t suddenly attack you. But they might attack your food and home. Rodents are nocturnal animals and are highly active during night time or when all the lights are out. This is also the best time to catch them and prove that they live in your home uninvited.

Stale smell

Stale smell often comes in hidden areas and is a signal that rodents have entered your property. If you have a pet cat or dog, they would definitely be able to smell this and would cause in an increased interest in a certain area. Inspect that area of rodent sightings if possible.

If you are experiencing these signs in your home you do not need to fret. Rodents might be there uninvited, but with professional help, they can be busted out of your home in no time.