Safer Baths: 3 Things to Add to Your Elders’ Bathroom

Elderly in a specialized bathtub

Caring for the elderly requires roundabout assistance and care. At home, one way to do this would be to create a good environment. This includes private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here are a few simple tips on how to make your space friendly for elders:

Have better layouts

A good way to make an elder-friendly bathroom is to create a good design. This means providing better accessibility from a good vantage point. This requires putting items commonly used in accessible places.

For instance, you should place major fixtures like bathtubs and toilet bowls in strategic locations that could easily access accessories like soaps, conditioners, shampoos, towels, and tissues.

This is even more important for the elders, so installing a bathtub for older adults or the elderly or putting toilet bowls in the right place could make a difference when it comes to improving a bathroom that is friendly for most people.

Install a specialized bathtub

People always considered walk-in tubs as one of the more senior-friendly fixtures one can install in bathrooms. Bathtubs like these make it easier to accommodate the likes of wheelchairs, which elders commonly use.

Having this specialized bathtub for elderly is a good complement to curb-less showers. The latter fixture is ideal for those with wheelchairs, The Senior List reported.

Add a shower chair

Balance is very important for the elderly. More than a good bathtub, it is crucial to have a functional shower chair in your tub. Providing this addition is a good investment for stability, reported Uplifting Mobility. It is also a good accessory to provide a good resting place during bathroom breaks.

Install chairs with rubber-tipped legs or non-slip tips that will keep the chair in place. Chairs with a good backing are also a good choice since it will provide a good backrest.

These three steps are the good starting place when furnishing your bathroom with key aspects for a more elderly-friendly environment.