Room to Grow: Creating a Bedroom Your Kid Won’t Outgrow

Kids jumping on the bed

Kids grow up fast. One day, you’re teaching them how to walk and now, they could run swiftly.

Their clothes are now much bigger when they were a toddler, and you can’t help but wonder if they will soon outgrow their bedroom. Such changes in their bodies and habits require that their environment and personal space keep up to the times.

It’s important to create a bedroom that aligns with their age preferences and lifestyles. You have to design a space your child won’t outgrow. And at that, here are some tips to consider:

Select Quality Bedroom Pieces

It’s tempting to buy cute, mini furniture for a kid’s room. After all, pairing small furniture with children is adorable. But in a few years time, your child would grow up and their belongings would outgrow those adorable cabinets. Select a cabinet with enough space for their future clothes and items.

It would also be nice to look over the material of the furniture you are going to buy for their bedroom. Apart from the furniture’s appeal, you should also consider a piece based on their quality and comfort.

Interior design specialists in the United Kingdom advise that a bedroom’s lighting and bedside tables should be carefully planned.  When looking for bedroom furniture, it is crucial that the height and size of the bed are considered.

Look for multi-purpose pieces

Sturdy furniture is good, but a timeless, multi-functional piece would be better. If you could find a bed that could transform into a space-saving desk, this will save you the trouble of shopping for additional furniture. Browse the market for multi-purpose pieces. Some chairs have storage compartments built in them, which helps in prevent clutter in the room. There are lots of stores, both online and offline, where you could find multi-purpose furniture.

Be neutral in key design elements

For expensive design elements, like floor coverings, it’s best to stay neutral. Patterned floor tiles may be appealing to your child now, but later on, this will surely change. It’s impractical to change things to follow trends and preferences. Keep your floor neutral in style. Hardwood floors are a good choice for any simple bedroom. The same principle applies to design elements that would be used to decorate the room. Stick to classic colour palettes so you won’t be replacing them every now and then.

Your kid’s bedroom is a personal space they would enjoy for a long time. Consider these tips as you design their living space.