Roof Structural Support: Why It Matters

Old homes that fall apart are often a sad sight: the once mighty structure is now breaking to pieces. It’s easy to place the blame on the tenant’s absence for the poor state of the home. But it doesn’t take an empty property for it to suffer structural issues. Sometimes, it’s also the lack of quality roof support.

Roof Support Intro 101

Roofing contractor SNS Morey, Inc., underscores the importance of a roof on any building. A roofing system maintains structural integrity and energy efficiency, and ensures the comfort and safety of the home. So you should pay close attention to it.

When you talk about roofing, it’s not just the physical structure itself, but also the supporting parts. Well-supported roofs use intricate systems of trusses and rafters to hold the majority of the weight; load-bearing and interior walls support the remaining load.

Homes with unique roof shapes use trusses to establish better support. These parts, however, do not last forever. As time passes, roof issues will arise.

Common Support Problems

Roof support issues might seem like petty troubles, but brushing it off may threaten the safety of everyone inside the house. Whether it’s the usual wear and tear, unattended leaks, or building defects, roofing systems can give way to problems.

Watch out for the following concerns:

  • One too many ridges. Most ridges with ridge boards do not guarantee sturdy structural support; instead, it serves as a bearing plate for opposing rafters. Non-structural ridge boards placed in rafter-framed homes need stronger connections to the exterior wall plate’s ceiling joists. Improper positioning will result in sagging roofs.
  • Sagging roof. Speaking of roof sagging, it’s a common problem for both new and old properties. From the outside, the roof looks fine, but you’ll notice that it droops. Using incorrect strutting or sizes of beams will result in roof sagging.
  • Sagging floors. Structural analysis shows that roof-bracing systems carry the majority of the weight. If the roof braces do not rest on proper load-bearing walls, you’ll end up with floor sagging.

Never underestimate the importance of a good roof structural system. Uncover repair issues now to avoid future problems.