Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Re-evaluating Garage Energy Efficiency

Interior of a Residential Garage

When it comes to evaluating the energy efficiency of your home, it is common to check for appliances with Energy Star certifications, shift to energy efficient lighting options, and pay close attention to thermostat settings. In doing so, however, homeowners could overlook the impact of energy use in the garage on the size of their carbon footprint.

While companies like Ar-Be Garage Doors, Inc. can help you with garage door functionality and energy efficiency, there are steps you can take to improve your energy efficiency by making a few small changes to your garage setup.

Insulate Garage Walls, Ceiling, and Doors

Installing the proper insulation is essential because it keeps indoor temperatures stable and limits the transfer of warm and cold air from the outside. By adding insulation, you reduce the possibility of the temperature seeping into the rest of the house, especially if you have a living space above the garage. There are various options for wall and ceiling installation, including blow-in, batting, and Styrofoam board insulation.

Because your garage door is an extension of the walls and ceiling, make sure it also has energy-efficient insulation. Upgrading your doorframe’s weatherstripping not only improves energy efficiency but also strengthens the garage door as well.

Upgrade the Garage Floor

Since concrete is not a ductile material, it shrinks and expands due to changes in temperature, causing it to crack over time. Cold air and gases can slip through those very cracks, however. Furthermore, water infiltration and road salt from melted snow only make the problem worse. You can, however, rely on polyaspartic flooring coatings for long-term protection against further cracks and damage.

Improve Indoor Ventilation

Keeping the air circulating in your garage can help maintain its temperature. Roof vents are, for instance, a low-cost ventilation method to consider. Additionally, if you haven’t decluttered your garage in a while, you might want to consider clearing out some space, as the excess clutter could restrict airflow indoors.

Lower your electricity bill by maintaining energy efficiency in your garage. With these tips, you can make your home more comfortable to live in while reducing your carbon footprint in the process.