Recycle Water to Cut Costs at Home

Engineer fixing a water tank

In the quest to conserve the environment, preserving water as a precious commodity is a good place to start. What with increased water shortages and rationings, it is prudent to equip yourself with measures to save water through recycling. Here are a few ways you can reuse water at home.

Grow rain gardens

Get experts such as to install a new rain gutter. This way you get to have a rain garden that you don’t have to water yourself. These gardens take advantage of rainwater to flourish. You can collect rainwater into a storage tank and use it to wash your car, water the lawn, wash your pets among many other uses.

Construct a gray water system

Water used to wash your hands, rinse laundry and shower can be channeled into a preconstructed gray water system. You can then reuse this water for the toilet, as opposed to using perfectly clean water to flush the toilet. Be sure to get regular maintenance checks done on your gray system now and then to prevent damage.

Save sink water

Most people wash their vegetables or sieve water from their pasta into a sink. Water used to rinse the dishes is also reusable. It can be collected and used for cleaning and flushing the toilet or watering your houseplants and flower garden.

Collect excess water

You may notice that once you drink water, you’ve had enough and yet a little water is left in the glass. When you water your houseplants, you may notice excess water sipping out of the draining holes. Instead of letting all this water go to waste, plan to reuse it to water other plants.

The ways of recycling water do well to spare you some money and yet simultaneously preserve the environment. These two things should be of utmost concern in everyone’s mind.