Quick Clean-Up For Household Flooding

Woman shocked with flooding inside the house

If the washing machine has flooded the kitchen, or even worse, the toilet is overflowing, expect a disaster. Good thing water restoration and clean-up services can quickly put everything back in pristine order.

Every day, 14,000 Americans suffer water damage to their home or business. Water damage can happen in a variety of ways. A wide range of problems can cause damage to the building. These include:

  • blocked toilets or broken pipes
  • faulty or incorrectly installed washing machines and dryers
  • heavy rain and weak roofing
  • flash flooding
  • hurricanes or heavy snow

Immediate water removal is necessary to prevent further damage to your property in Utah.

The Damage Water Can Do

Water leaking from around the sink can end up flowing down the back of your kitchen cupboards or worktops, encouraging the growth of mold. Toilets with an external leak can damage to the outside walls of the house. Poor sealant on the bathtub may cause water to leak through the ceiling. Ceilings can become discolored or may buckle because of the weight of the water.

Washing machine leaks can cause significant damage to flooring and the damp left behind may cause wood rot and affect the structure of the house, as well as its resale value. Water can seep into light fixings and may cause an electrocution hazard. The presence of mold and excess moisture can also pose risks to your family’s health.

Water Restoration Reverses Flood Damage

Water restoration can prevent long-term damage to the property, protect a resident’s possessions, and leave the building neat and tidy.

A water restoration expert can:

  • Extract all water with industrial machines
  • Dehumidify the area
  • Look for the source of the leak and offer advice
  • Check for contamination hazards, such as sewage water in the case of toilet leaks or flash flooding
  • Carry out biohazard cleanup, if necessary
  • Clean waterlogged carpets and soft furnishings
  • Provide a solution for dampness and mold

Water removal experts can come to any home or business with water damage during an emergency. Call for help immediately to save your property from complete destruction and avoid costly repairs or replacements.