Prevent Burglaries by Adding Layers of Protection in Your Home

A burglar breaking into a house

From 2009 to 2010, there were 335,700 burglaries in Australia. The yearly stats do not fluctuate much, so it’s safe to assume there are roughly 200,000 cases each year. While there is no such thing as a burglary-proof home, there are steps from industry expert and top provider of security doors in Melbourne you can take to prevent break-ins.

1. Think like a burglar. Is it easy to climb through the fence? Is your ladder accessible and in plain sight? Remove or hide all the items on your premises that make unwanted access easy.

2. Roughly 30 % of Intruders go through an unlocked or poorly built front door. It’s the easiest way to upgrade your locks so.

3. Don’t forget to secure your windows as well and keep the keys out of sight.

4. Keep them guessing whether or not you are home. You can do this by turning on some of your lights and maybe the television even when you’ve gone on vacation.

5. Don’t be complacent though even when you are home. In three out of ten cases, intruders were aware that someone was home. This puts your family at risk of being a victim of a violent crime.

6. When windows and doors are hidden from view by overgrown shrubs or other obstructions, it’ll provide the intruder a place to hide while trying to access your home. To avoid being a target, your windows and doors must be in plain sight of joggers, roving police officers, and neighbours. The people passing by can help keep an eye on your home.

7. Based on interviews with convicted burglars, they are 60 % less likely to attempt a break in if a security system is in place.

8. Less than 20 % of burglaries result in arrest, a very encouraging piece of stats for burglars. But if every home in your neighbourhood had security cameras with live feed, criminals living nearby would stay clear of your community. Motion-activated lighting is also a good investment.

Be proactive and undertake these security measures both police officers and former burglars swear by.