Preparations for a Festive Town Christmas

Christmas lights over dark blue background

Every town has its own culture and tradition of celebrating Christmas. However, repeating the concept of the previous year may bore the audience and may discourage participation. Without the participation of the townspeople, the Christmas celebration may not be as festive. Here are some ideas that you can adopt:

Santa Claus’ Nice List

This is a list of nice people in the neighborhood who can be recognized on the day of the Christmas celebration. To increase participation and anticipation, mechanics for qualification, nomination and winning should be created in advance. After the mechanics have been deliberated and approved by a recognized group in the community, the contest can be launched as early as October. This will give ample time to search for candidates.

Town Christmas Decoration

Every home will naturally do their own Christmas decoration. Most of the time, the roads are left bare. The town mayor or head can encourage the community to contribute in decorating local roads. Decorations can range from a nice snowman waiting at the entrance of the town or municipal Christmas lighting on the roads and government buildings. If there is a town plaza, a giant Christmas tree in the center can imbibe a festive event.

Christmas Wish Come True

The giant Christmas tree in the center of the town plaza should hold a significant value for the community. Anyone can put up their own tree decoration or Christmas wish. Your wish can be written like a short letter. It can also be dropped in a small box near the Christmas tree, and as a symbol to put up in the tree, is a Christmas ball with your name printed on it. If possible, one or more of the wishes can be fulfilled by the municipal head.

Involving the community in the Christmas celebration is an important part in making the event as festive as possible. Decorations like an annual town snowman, municipal Christmas lighting, and a giant Christmas tree will set the mood. It is up to the event organizer and the community’s cooperation to turn the Christmas mood into a festive Christmas celebration.