Prep Your Garage for a Coming Storm

Garage door

During hurricane season, which is from June to November, people must make sure that they are prepared. Families must discuss emergency plans, stock food, and listen to government alerts. They must also take precautions to ensure that minimal damage is done to their property. And with strong winds coming, people should pay attention to the biggest entry point of all: the garage door.

The Need for a Strong Door

Even though garage doors are huge, they can be blown in or torn out by strong winds. Once they are damaged, water can easily enter the house and put the interior walls, doors, and ceiling at risk. Broken garage doors can also cause pressure changes which weaken the structure of the roof.

Since a broken garage door leads to other property damages, you must make sure that it is ready to face the brewing storm.

Checking Door Condition

Residents must check if their garage doors aren’t worn out. Old garage doors may have missing bolts and rusted parts which would hinder their functionality, for instance. Its tracks may be lining up with the rollers, as well. Those that are not in good condition are likely to fail when struck by debris or winds.

If it moves slowly or noisily, it’s time to have your garage door repaired. In Salt Lake City, for example, several shops can check if garage doors need to be repaired or replaced. If you have to replace your garage door, you must look for one that can withstand winds and debris.

Reinforcing the Door

If the garage door is still in working condition, you could reinforce it by adding bracing or recalibrating the springs. Bear in mind though that wooden bracing cannot protect the garage door unless it’s heavy enough. Backing the garage door with your car wouldn’t help, and you’ll end up damaging your car.

Be prepared for a hurricane. If the wind forces it down, it could severely damage the property. That’s why when a storm is on its way, don’t forget about the biggest make or break you have: your garage door.