Pest Control Tips: Why You Should Not Underestimate Hornets, Bed Bugs and Termites

Exterminator ready to workHome invaders such as hornets, bedbugs, and termites are causing Utah homeowners millions of dollars in repairs and property expenses every year. If these home invaders vex you and continue to resist pest control solutions you have tried at home, perhaps A1 Exterminators can recommend a few things to add to your arsenal.

Effective hornet management

The adult hornet has six legs and two pairs of wings. The most aggressive species, the baldfaced hornets are relentless, and they will sting you if you disturb the colony. Most of the time, hornets make their nests above ground. If the trees around your home or perhaps, the attic have become their territory, you need an effective game plan to reclaim the area for your family. You also need to protect yourself from stings. If you do not have the protective gear, the right materials, and knowledge about hornets’ habits, then we suggest that you call a professional exterminator to deal with the nest.

Exterminating bed bugs with heat

The most efficient way of killing bed bugs is employing heat. That means using a hair dryer on known areas of infestation, washing infested clothes and bedding with hot water, and using hot steam to penetrate mattresses and furniture. There is no better way than to subject your home to a professional heating treatment if the entire home is already infested.

Dealing with a termite colony

Blocking entry points is an effective preventive approach against termites. If they are already in the house, you have to deal with the colony itself. Using sprays and repellents on a few insects, you see on broken mud tubes will not solve the problem. A salty solution injected directly into their habitat is quite effective. If they resist DIY methods, then do not delay hiring a professional for help.

You can trim trees and bushes, seal holes and cracks and use commercially available pesticides to deal with invasive pests. The other option is to hire professional help. Which is the smart option?