PCs Are Not Dead! Two Markets Are Avid Users

computers used at an office

Are you thinking of running a computer repair franchise business but are not sure if there’s a market for it? Your worry is not misplaced. Mobile use and sales have been soaring. Even Google says that more people are searching information and products through their smartphones and tablets.

But there is still a market. In fact, you have two:

1. Gamers

PCs may be in a tight competition with mobile devices in communication, search, and shopping. But it indeed dominates gaming. Based on the Jon Peddie Research report, gamers were busy decking out their PCs for some virtual action in 2016.

Gamers spent more than $30 billion on both DIY upgrades and accessories. It’s about $12 billion more than in 2015, beating the projections of the analysts.

That’s not all. The community of gamers is exploding, overtaking that of console players. In an ESA study, about 1.2 billion gamers are using PCs.

2. Baby Boomers

More millennials are searching using their mobile devices, true, but baby boomers prefer their desktops or laptops. These are the people born between 1946 and 1964. A good number of them are already in retirement.

In a digital study by Millward Brown, 31 percent of them use these devices for many activities. These include shopping and reading news sites. Only 13 percent embrace smartphones and tablets.

This generation also has a distinct advantage over the others: they enjoy higher median household incomes. In other words, they have more capacity to buy devices than the millennials or the much older adults. They are also a large group. In the United States, more than 75 million people are baby boomers.

a personal computerTruth: the sales of PCs have been declining over the last few years. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets have undoubtedly overtaken them. But a Gartner survey revealed the desktops are not dead. In fact, sales may increase by 2 percent in 2018. It will be the highest growth year on year since three years ago.

As long as PCs are selling and you have these two captive markets, a business on computer repair still makes sense.