Molds are Everywhere, Even in the Many Parts of Your Home

black mold in the corner of an old houseMolds, a type of fungi, is basically everywhere. You’ll find them both outdoors and indoors, whichever part of Utah you live in — basically, anywhere in the world. While they do play important roles in the ecosystem and are essential to the breakdown process of organic matter, they can also pose serious risks to humans and properties.

Aerolite Group and other experts noted that it’s for this reason you should hire professional mold testing services as more of a necessity than an added expense. This is especially true, as some types of mold can produce toxic spores that can hurt anyone in your household — even those in generally good health. It pays to know more about these microorganisms, so you can make the right decision when it comes to addressing them.

How they can get into your home in the first place

There are different ways molds can thrive in your home, seeing that they could survive, thrive, and multiply almost anywhere. You can be a carrier and/or transmitter too, as these fungi can attach themselves to your clothing and accessories. They can also enter your house through passages such as doorways, windows, vents, and other gaps in your property’s structure. Once they find a source of nourishment — moisture and humidity — they will settle and quickly spread.

Mold testing: Discovering the hidden ones

Seeing that leaks are some of the most common reasons molds survive and thrive in homes, it’s impossible for you to detect where all their “nests” are. They can be inside walls, under the floors, in the basement, in the inaccessible areas of your roof and ceiling, or lurking in your furnishings. The only way for you to determine where they are is through professional testing.

Through the services of professional mold testers, you can unearth the locations of these hidden dangers in your home. And it’s only through their expertise that you can address them properly and as quickly as possible.