Modern Royalty: What You Should Have in Your House

Interior With Antique Furniture And Coffret On The Table

You don’t need to hold an actual title to live like royalty. You don’t even need to be earning millions or own a business empire to have a house fit for a prince. What you need is attention to detail and carefully selected furniture around your house.

Here are some things you should get:

Antique Furniture

There’s nothing quite as authentic as antique Gustavian furniture when you want to replicate the look of a royal room. These furniture pieces have a rich history tied with royalty, and they are the perfect addition to your room if you are going for something regal.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the biggest bed or the fluffiest pillows. A Gustavian dresser paired with a bedside table in a matching color will do.

Ornate Mirrors

The key to opulence is looking like you can afford to pay more for the simplest things. Instead of buying mirrors that are plain and inexpensive, look for ornately decorated mirrors that can upgrade the look of your bathroom without even trying.

Pair it with the right kind of tiles, and you’ll have something worthy of a magazine feature. You don’t even have to spend a fortune on these mirrors. You can DIY them to get the look for a fraction of the price.

Luxury Sheets

The bedroom is where you can splurge if you want to emulate a royal lifestyle. It’s where you sleep, and sleep can be luxurious if you have the softest and most comfortable sheets. Some choose bamboo sheets for a restful sleep.

If you’re choosing the design, go for purple — the color of royalty — or navy blue. Going for a monochromatic theme also is a good idea. Black silk sheets give the room an elegance unmatched by any other color.

For many, sleeping is the greatest luxury. Make it even better by designing a room fit for royalty.