Maximizing Small Office Spaces

Not everyone is blessed to have the expansive corner offices that have more rooms and space than you’d know what to do with. In fact, most office rentals have significantly reduced their rental spaces.

A recent survey from Core Net Global Real Estate revealed that the square foot per employee has reduced from 225 to 176. So, if your office is a small cubicle area, don’t feel discouraged. You can still unlock your employees’ potential and increase their productivity when you implement these space-saving tips.

Ditch the clutter

Start with getting rid of paperwork. In this day and age, all offices should store their data in computers, not bulky files. Set some time to digitalize files. Though it’s not feasible to completely go paperless, cut down the amount of paper in the office by shredding what you don’t need.

Still on decluttering, get rid of any unnecessary furniture. If your furniture is too bulky, how about you trade that with space-saving furniture?

Choose installations wisely

Space in most cities is at a premium, yet office functions in the office keep changing. Most offices have to find a way to accommodate new employees in the already small spaces. To optimise space and prepare for unpredictable changes, choose your office installations carefully.

Instead of installing the traditional doors where you have to leave space for swinging in and out, go for cavity slider doors. Sliding doors do not need to open in and out, so this saves up on space. Besides, with sliding doors will act as a modern update for the office.

Cable control

From monitor screens to printers and monitors, every electronic is laden with pesky wires. When you allow a hodgepodge of cables to tangle up all over in your limited office space, you can expect the office will feel hopelessly messy and claustrophobic.

One option to resolve the mess would be to use a cable turtle to organise all the cables under the desks. Another option and a better one would be to install wireless technology and do away with cables altogether.

Practical use of space helps you to reduce utility costs, improve working conditions and drive down your environmental footprint.