Know the Legalities of Carport-Building in Brisbane

A carport is a must for any home that owns a vehicle. A parking structure keeps cars safe and well protected. Plus, it increases the functionality of your home as well as its kerb appeal. When you live in Brisbane, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, Just Patios explains that you cannot simply build a carport anywhere. You have to get pre-approved for what is considered as an accepted development, subject to specific requirements.

The Differences Between Carports and Garages

The Brisbane City Council differentiates carports from garages and applies specific rules and guidelines building each. A carport is an open structure that should not have more than two enclosed panels; a garage is a fully enclosed structure. While homeowners are allowed to build carports on the first 6 metres of their lot area, they cannot do the same with a garage. Garages are only allowed at the 7th metre and beyond.

Your Lot Size Matters

The Small Lot Code says you cannot build over 3m x 6m of width and length dimensions when your lot area is no larger than 450 sqm. If your lot is 450 sqm or bigger, however, you are allowed up to a 6m x 6m carport. Apart from the size, the location of the carport must also be cited based on the existing guidelines. However, you should remember that there are overlays and zoning issues when it comes to your property.

Hire expert professionals who make Brisbane carports can handle the tasks for you. Carport builders are not only reliable in creating a parking structure that meets your function and form requirements. They are also dependable in handling the legalities. Making sure you follow the law in the process of building your carport, whether you are building it along with a new home construction or for an existing home structure.