Kitchen Cabinet Finishes: 3 Popular Choices

Kitchen with a Number of Cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen is a task that needs preparation beforehand. If the project is successful, you will need to make some decisions before it even starts. That way, you make sure that you do not incur extra expenses.

However, there are finer decisions that you may have to relegate to the process including decisions surrounding the cabinets design and finishes. Cabinets can make kitchen remodeling in your Fort Myers home tricky.

First off, the types of finishes are not always black and white. Some details can only be understood while on the job. Secondly, the finish you pick has to be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen.

That said, below is an overview of three types of finishes to help you get started on selecting a perfect fit.

Stain finishes

A stain finish is excellent if you are considering a wood look in your kitchen. This allows the grain of the wood to show. Consequently, the wood feels more natural as opposed to a painted surface. The stains enhance the character of the wood and at the same time give you a variety of tones to pick from.

Painted finishes

If you are going for a uniform appearance, go for a brushed finish. The paint is applied on wood to cover the grain patterns and any knots the wood might have. What’s more, you get to choose whatever color suits your palette.

Glazed finishes

This type of finish applies a transparent glaze over the surface of the cabinet. It creates depth and dimension that allows you to add subtle details. You can have your stained or painted cabinets glazed to create a different look.

However, be careful of the type of glazing so that what you pick gives you the intended effect.

While your cabinets serve your storage needs, they should also reflect your style. After all, what is the point of remodeling your kitchen only to have it look like every other kitchen? A good remodeling contractor will be keen to inquire what you want every step of the way.