Is Your Home’s Roof Snow-Ready?

Winter is coming, and you better be prepared to prevent unwanted accidents or problems from happening once the first snowfall comes. This principle applies particularly to your roofing. Many homeowners tend to forget about their roof and its necessary maintenance, which leads to disasters during a bad weather. You can prepare your roofing, however, by keeping the following things in mind.

Inspect Your Roof

The key to a well-maintained roof (and snow-ready one) lies in roof inspections. You can have bi-annual inspections done to know if you need roof repairs for your Northern VA home. If you don’t have an inspector yet, American Home Contractors noted that you should find one soon before the snow comes. You can also conduct the inspection yourself, but that’s only if you truly know what you’re doing.

Watch Out for Damages

As you inspect your roof, watch out for small damages like broken shingles or missing tiles. Although minor issues during other seasons, these can be more problematic during winter when you need optimum protection from the snow and the cold. You can easily have roof repair experts take care of these damages early.

Maintain Insulation

Inspect your roof’s insulation to keep your home warm during the cold season. Insulation becomes even more vital if you have a flat roof. Appropriate insulation protects your roof from leaks, mold, and other damages that can spread throughout your home.

Clear and Fix Gutter System

Your gutters need to be free of any debris to help with winter rains. Check your gutter system for branches, leaves, and other debris. You can also check the condition of the system itself. Remember that you can fix loose, rusting, or damaged gutter areas immediately if done earlier.

Install Snow Guards

Finally, you can consider installing snow guards if you have a sloped roof. Snow guards keep accumulated snow from sliding down once they melt. This slide can damage your roof and even injure a person passing under it after all.

Ready your roofing as instructed above, so you can enjoy safety, repair savings, and a peaceful winter season.