Interior Decoration: 2 Creative Risks You Should Try

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Decorating rules can guide you in styling your home. For example, you should choose smaller furniture for a tiny space or stick to odd number groupings to create visual interest. Such rules, however, should not limit you from getting the look and style you want for your interior space.

Even when you break design rules, you’ll still want your home to be harmonious and pleasing, and anchor it to suit your style and taste.

Here are two risks that are worth trying to give your indoor space a fresh look.

1. Choosing the Color Scheme

There are several factors to consider when selecting a color scheme. For example, a rule says that you should use lighter shades for smaller rooms as they make the space appear larger. But if this isn’t your goal, you’re free to use darker colors in a room of any size.

If done right, disobeying this rule can let you decorate the room beautifully. It’s important to test your chosen paint before applying it to your walls to ensure that it’s the right color you need.

Another rule about colors is the notion that neutrals can go with everything. But neutrals don’t really work with every color. For instance, if your beige wallpaper has a green undertone, it may not complement your red or orange furniture.

Wallpaper might be a better option if painting seems too much of a commitment. Wallpaper Warehouse shares that hanging wall coverings is easier than you think.

2. Mixing Textures and Patterns

Some people say you shouldn’t use different metal varieties. But using only one metal surface can make your space look ordinary and outdated. You can try combining metal and metallic finishes for an updated look.

Combining different patterns can be challenging. Planning your color palette first will help you decide on the patterns that you’ll use. Keep in mind that colors don’t have to match each one. Instead, they can complement one another.

There should also be a balance between the patterns, textures, and other elements in the room. If you’ll use wallpaper with bold patterns, then the rest must be simpler.

In case you’re struggling to achieve a harmonious look, take a step back and return to basics. Determine what you want and work around with it. You may seek help from professionals to guide you in achieving your desired result.