In-ground vs Above-ground Pool: Which is the Best Choice?

luxury in-ground pool with deck chair beside itA pool in your backyard can mean better summers and more enjoyable evenings with the family. You know the many benefits this property feature brings, and so it only makes sense to have it. But you have several options to consider, one of which is to determine whether an in-ground pool would be better than an above-ground structure.

Here are some factors to consider the type of swimming pool in your Perth property.


With the earth serving as its base, one can easily comprehend that in-ground pools will surely last longer than above-ground pools. With the right materials and proper maintenance, an in-ground pool can easily retain its structural beauty for several years.

Easy Construction

The structure of above-ground pools is fully created from the base up to the supporting structure. And since it’s above the ground, there’s no need to dig the ground, thus the strength of the ground is intact. This option is preferable for homeowners who want a pool in a hurry and have a limited budget.

Depth, Size and Shape

An in-ground pool is suitable if you intend a deeper depth and want a larger structure for your backyard. Families who enjoy diving into their pools would need this type of pool. You can also have more options with its shape; in-ground pools are customisable to your desired shape whereas above-ground pools are limited to oval or round. The latter, however, would fit perfectly in a smaller yard.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both pool types use the same cleaning equipment and materials, pumps and filters. However, it is harder to clean above-ground pools if it does not have decks built around it.

These are just some considerations when deciding which type of pool you want to install. But above all, hiring an experienced and industry-trusted pool installer should take priority.