How to Prepare a Holiday Party at Home

A Gathering

Whoever says preparing a holiday party is easy, must not have experienced it before. In reality, being the host of a party is never quite as easy as people claim. It does have its challenges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a plan to at least make it less stressful and more smooth-flowing.

Order What You Can Online

Party favors, paper plates, even holiday cupcake cups and wrappers are all available online. Order everything you can online way ahead of time. Doing this helps you avoid the holiday rush and having to queue at the grocery. Ordering early also gives you a heads up if there’s something you still need that you haven’t bought. For those last minute things, run to the grocery or mall; at least you won’t be filling up a cart anymore.

Get the Bar Ready for Early Birds

Your first guest will arrive early, no doubt, even before the food is prepared. To avoid having every early bird walking around the kitchen, set up a bar using a small table or cart. Your guests are more likely to chat by the bar than in the kitchen. If you have friends or family who arrive early and offer help, give them something to do. This frees you up a little and also speeds up the cooking and prepping.

Avoid Leaving Your Guests

Don’t leave your guests during the event. If you have to remove a few plates, just leave them somewhere in the kitchen. If they’re disposable, bin them. Don’t turn on the tap and start washing dishes. For some, it is a cue to start leaving.

Make It a Buffet

A buffet is easier to prepare and manage. Instead of having to serve each guest their food, make it less formal by having them serve themselves. Don’t get carried away with the size of the buffet. Know how many guests to expect, and you can prepare the right amount of food too.

You don’t have to stress out over the party you’re preparing. Make it less formal and more casual, and you can worry less and enjoy more.