How to Keep Your Pets Safe when Moving Houses

pets in new home

Pets, specifically cats and dogs, don’t adapt to change easily. They find it difficult to adjust to a new environment, especially if it’s a new house. Your pets can easily get stressed during these events, so make sure to take proper precautions to give them what they need.

Monster Moving and Storage, an established moving company in Corona, CA shares some tips for moving houses without stressing your pets out too much.

Remember Their Needs

You’d probably create an emergency or overnight kit for yourself for the move, so make sure to do the same for your fur babies. Pack everything they need in one bag, including food, grooming tools, toys, litter box, and medicine. Always see to it that your pets have all their essentials so that you’d not panic during the move.

Talk to Their Vet

Before moving, let your vet know that you’ll be leaving town for good. Ask if you can have all of your fur babies’ records, including their tests. You should also ask if you need to buy some medicine for your pet to make sure that they won’t get stressed during the move. Your vet might also be able to recommend some good veterinarians around your new area, so make sure to ask them that, too.

Have Them Beside You

Never put your pets in the back of the vehicle or somewhere enclosed. Make sure that they can see you so that they won’t panic or cry for help during the move itself. For bigger dogs, you can always put them in a kennel, but make sure that they can still see you. Check on them once in a while to make sure they’re fine. For smaller dogs and cats, you can always put them in a carrier next to you, or even in your own lap.

Give your pets some love and talk to them even before the move. Pets have feelings, too, and they can understand people. Let them know that it’s going to be okay and that you won’t let them out of your sight.