How Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Ensures Proper Operation

air conditioner powered by remote control

An air conditioner is designed to operate for long hours. In some places like Utah, however, common problems arise that the unit shuts down. The worst part about this is that users do not notice such problems until summer comes along and they need to use their AC. When you need an AC repair crew in Salt Lake City, you might want to do it now.

AC maintenance is necessary to ensure your unit’s continuous operations. While there are problems that can be done easily without any technical skill, you still need to call an expert to do some preventive maintenance. The following are some common problems, which can be easily remedied.

The filter is dirty

The air filter can be easily removed and cleaned with water. After drying the filter this can be inserted again. Cleaning the filter can be done in a few minutes. A dirty filter is clogged and could limit the airflow through the AC. The lack of air circulation forces the motor to work harder.

The compressor is covered by plants or debris

The compressor is part of the AC external unit and is usually located outdoors. In some instances, plants cover the compressor and restrict airflow. In some instances, birds nest inside the AC unit. Adequate airflow is necessary for the optimal operation of the AC. This is why clearing the area behind the compressor allows proper circulation.

There is an issue with the thermostat

If the AC is located in a sunny area of the room, the thermostat may be warmed by direct sunlight. This forces the AC to work longer and harder to keep the temperature colder. Having a TV set or lamps near the AC can also heat the thermostat. Having the thermostat in the wrong setting also results in the AC to work harder. Setting the thermostat and keeping it away from heat sources can save you on costs.

Never ignore the maintenance of your air conditioning unit if you want it to last longer and serve you better.