How Much Should You Spend on Adding Bricks to Your Home?

BricksHomeowners who are planning to renovate their houses should consider bricks as the material of choice since it can significantly improve the appearance of your property.

You can install bricks for your roof or garage to improve the façade of your house, which can be good if you intend to sell it in the future. Buyers are usually drawn to houses that have a nice curb appeal.

Material Prices

If you are looking for the price of bricks for sale in NSW for building a garage, you should ask from at least three manufacturers for a decent comparison. Homeowners who want to estimate the overall price of a brick garage should know that there are usually five parts, which comprise the slabs, structure, windows, a door, and a roof.

You may choose not to have a roof to save on costs, while slabs may range between $75 and $110 per metre. Despite the seemingly high cost, there are certain benefits that justify the expenses.

Beneficial Bricks

Homeowners spend less time on maintaining brick-constructed parts of their houses, so you still save on recurring costs even if you pay a high price to buy the materials up front. Any leftover bricks can also be recycled for your walkways, or you could break them down into smaller parts for landscaping mulch.

The versatility of bricks led it to be among the most popular choices for home exteriors, based on a National Association of Home Builders study. The respondents even said that they would spend $7,500 to use brick for the exterior construction.

Bricks might be a more expensive material, but the cost of investment will be worthwhile as you see the value of your property increase over time. Many insurers also offer lower rates to houses with a brick exterior, due to their better security.