Homeowner Alert: Air Conditioning Woes That You Can Avoid

Man Holding The Pipes of an ACU

When the heat is on in Albuquerque, heating and air conditioning servicing takes up most of the duty hours of HVAC repair personnel. While HVAC systems are largely affordable, your household will only benefit from them when they are functioning at full capacity, and working efficiently.

Condensation Blues

It may not be an emergency when the AC goes out, but you will feel discomfort when it happens on a scorching, humid day. If same-day appointments are unavailable, then your family would have to go through long woeful hours. A highly qualified HVAC professional will tell you that a routine checking of the unit to ensure the condensation drain hooked up to the AC system is not restricted in any way.

Faulty Wiring

So, your central air conditioning may seem to be having bad days recently. There is no reason why you should not have it checked by the contractor. A trained technician will be able to identify issues that are not so obvious such as faulty wiring. Forgetting that the air conditioner runs on electricity, and has wiring that connects it to the grid is a dangerous thing. Faulty wiring increases the risk of a house fire. Uncertified or bad wiring is too risky, so make sure your AC is properly installed and connected. Do not wait for faulty wiring to trip the circuit breaker.


After ten years or so, an air conditioner may already be old enough to retire. Energy-efficient operations are a guarantee for newer models. Nevertheless, you must consider a replacement for units that have already been working day and night for a decade. Finding a replacement may be a better financial decision than spending almost as much money on repairs. Start scouting for a new, more efficient unit as soon as your AC is showing signs of old age.

Once a year—that is the frequency recommended by contractors for HVAC maintenance, at the least. It pays to listen to expert advice.