Home Office Ideas for Maximum Productivity

Working at Home

Working from home has quickly gained widespread adoption, especially in the Internet age. With newfound freedom from drab office cubicles and dreary commute times, consider a few creative ideas to transform part of your home into an inspiring workspace.

There are a few design philosophies to keep in mind, though, before you start clearing out your study, hauling your bookcases, and setting up drawing boards.

Design for Productivity

The idea of a home office is appealing, largely because of the promise of readily available home comforts. Do not forget that getting work done is still a top priority, so design with a little insulation in mind.

Think of the nature of your work, and consider how the physical space available can accommodate that. Take into account the type of equipment you will be using, whether clients would be visiting, would conference calls be integral to your tasks, etc. Make sure these factors can operate at their usual level and not be impeded by your home space.

Remember to keep work stuff in your work area, and schedule appropriate work hours. These can help maintain a healthy balance between work and relaxation without sacrificing productivity.

Tools of the trade

You are just migrating to a different space so make sure your equipment still performs at peak functionality. Determine which stuff you will need on a daily basis, and invest in what you know you will need the most. Do not be swayed by sales talk from office supplies stores touting new features and such.

Set up a separate phone line to avoid queued-up business calls. Messaging and conferencing functions for your phone system are also essential. Sluggish equipment will be the death of your business; invest in gear that will get your tasks done in the fastest time possible.

Let there be light

Adequate and dynamic lighting is vital for your home office space. It can make the difference between stressing your eyes out over the fine print and enhancing all visual cues for your tasks. If your house has tall, wide windows with great natural views, take advantage of that. Natural light is highly beneficial to performing tasks with ease and efficiency.

If no sunlight filters through your space, task lighting can fill that duty just fine. Some types of energy-efficient lighting feature adjustable settings, so that glare or dimness does not get in the way of your work.

Color your workspace awesome

Environmental colors affect work performance, and so it is important to choose a color that will act best for the type of work you need to accomplish. Colors can have beneficial and adverse effects on us, both physically and psychologically.

Cool colors such as blues and greens elicit feelings of leisure and peace. Though cool colors might allow you to avoid stress, it might affect your level of focus, and lose precious productive time.

Green, in combination with yellow, is a natural color palette, evoking serenity and nature. Natural colors can elicit a relaxing yet focused atmosphere, lending some balance to your workspace aesthetic. Use red sparingly, as it is too intense and might be visually taxing when slathered in abundance.

Neutral tones such as white, gray, and beige are also light on the eyes and mind. When used in tandem with naturals like green, your workspace will emanate a distraction-free vibe.

Most important of all, design your home office in a way that makes you want to spend time in it. Setting up an office in your house is pointless if it is undesirable to inhabit; you might as well have just stayed in the office. A home office should be a natural extension of your house and provides feelings of satisfying accomplishment.