Home Happy Home: 3 Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Kitchen

Modern kitchen interior

The kitchen is the busiest room at home. Surprisingly, though, the vibrant activity in this space isn’t reflected in the interiors. The space looks drab and gloomy, even with natural light coming in or the artificial lights turned on. The truth of the matter is, a bright kitchen isn’t just about proper lighting. It’s about all the other details you put in your interiors. To transform a dark, dingy kitchen into a brightened up space, you better focus on these things:

1. Paint Your Walls White

White bounces off light. When natural light passes through the windows and hit the white walls, the interiors appear more vibrant. There are many shades of white, so you don’t have to stick to just one hue, and it’s best that you avoid that monotonous look. Of course, you have the option of having fixtures, like kitchen island and backsplash, in white as well. If you do choose this, it will all the more make the space brighter, at the same time, feel a little neater.

2. Introduce Pops of Color

According to color psychology, warm tones, like red and yellow can help stimulate conversations, making them perfect additions to creating that bright, vibrant space. Use these hues in some of your fixtures or furnishings, say, in chairs and throw pillows, or in dinnerware and hardware of cupboards. Consider installing custom cabinets that Salt Lake City interior design experts recommend. These will not just make your space pop with color, but also help in addressing storage needs.

3. Add Greenery or Flowers

Indoor plants, with their different colors, make a great difference in making the space look cheery. Why not consider placing freshly cut flowers in your vases. You may also want to have a living wall or vertical garden, as the focal point of your kitchen. These indoor plants will create that cheery vibe not just from their splashes of colors, but also by their toxin-filtering capabilities. More than uplifting the moods, they actually improve your health, which in turn makes you in the mood.

Brighten up your kitchen with the tips above. Don’t let that busy part of your house be gloomy that no one would want to set foot in.