Home Decor with Garden Urns

garden pots and urns

Homeowners want their houses to become havens of comfort and safety, but also reflect their personality and sense of style. One way to stamp beauty and personality in your property is with garden urns. The experts at Authentic Provence explain that these are a type of vase with a narrow neck and often attached to a pedestal.

Some urns are individually handcrafted and could serve as the focal point of any garden. They provide extended planting options in limited spaces like patios or courtyards. These are the following ways that garden urns improve your property.

1. Urns add flair to an outdoor area.

Urns are the most practical type of garden ornament whether your garden is large or small. Positioning and arranging it will add flair to your landscape.

You could put a plant in your large urns, or you could also leave them empty; either way, they’re sure to enhance your garden’s appearance.

If you have small urns, make them look larger and plant mums, pansies or fall crocus. You could place these garden urns on pedestals or platforms.

2. Use garden urns as a decor for your home interiors.

You could also use garden urns as a home decor. Place matching urns before a doorway or staircase, or even flank the passageway to a garden. You could also place them in a corner to lighten up the area with greenery.

Mini-urns can serve as home organizers in your home workstation. You can store paper clips, pencils, and other supplies. You could also use them as an innovative candelabra. Place candles on top of fireproof urns filled with glass marbles.

If you’re a homeowner, you will always try to make your home a place where you are comfortable and safe. Making it a place where your creativity could run free is a bonus for most people.