Holiday Season Over? Here’s How To Store Municipal Holiday Decorations

Christmas Ornaments in a Tree

Everybody enjoys the Christmas season. Though no one says it, it’s everyone’s wish that it would last forever. Sad enough, this has never been the case and never will be. The festive season officially ends when you unwrap the final gift, celebrate the Christmas cookies together, and when guests return to their homes.

Who now should do the tedious work of packing and storing municipal holiday decorations? Well, no one else but you. If it is time to pack up your municipal holiday decorations, the following tips will come in handy.

Getting Motivated

First, begin by getting a healthy dose of motivation because packing up holiday decorations is no walk in the park. Like usual working days, schedule a day for only packing away decorations.

Large Plastic Bags Are Your Friend

Gather large plastic tubs for storage, but ensure they are light enough to lift with ease. You will need to mark the bags with their contents and where they will go.

Be Careful When Handling Christmas Lights

Pack every light stand in its bag to prevent them from breaking or tangling up. Ensure that all clips are in one pack. Is taking the lights down too much work for you? Hire a professional holiday light installer to pack them and of course, unpack them for the next season.

Use The Original Storage Packs For Delicate Ornaments

Delicate ornaments come in special boxes, and you should pack them away in their boxes. If you already misplaced these packs, use bubble wrap and tissue paper from holiday gifts and deliveries. Pack all ornaments using a tissue paper and put a bubble wrap layer between wrapped ornaments layers. Pack the less fragile ornaments below and the most brittle ones on top to prevent crushing.

Like you, nobody loves packing up municipal holiday decorations. However, the thought of opening up your boxes next season to find all ornaments in a functional state and set for putting up is enough motivation to pack away your holiday decorations in a proper manner.