Here’s How You Could Save Water at Home

Water flowing from faucet

Water is a precious commodity in some cities today literally rationing water due to a widespread drought. Count yourself lucky with water running from your faucet – but, don’t forget to employ saving techniques, including the following:

1. Water your gardens efficiently.

No one wants a brown yard — but keeping your grass green can also mean loads of water consumption. This takes a toll on your sprinklers. A good solution is to have a home sprinkler repair in Utah so that water is also disbursed at specific moments and in specific amounts.

You’ll find that your garden will look just as good but without the exorbitant water bill.

2. Give the dogs an outdoor bath.

If you’re going to give the dogs a bath or wash some stuff, you might try doing it in the yard on top of the grass. This has the same effect as watering your front yard — which definitely saves on the cost.

3. Reuse cooking liquid.

Do you cook pasta? Then chances are you have lots of boiled water that you can actually use for something else once it’s cooled down — such as watering plants. You could also pour this water on the shower drain as a way to unclog it.

4. Harvest rainwater.

Check out your home’s corners — these are the points where water usually slides down from the roof. Place a drum on the side and grab all the rainwater you can during the rainy season.

You could use this water to wash your car, your flip flops, your shoes, or even plastic furniture. Do your washing on the grass, and you’ll be more efficient with water use.

Of course, those are just some of the ways you can save on your water consumption. You’ll find that in the long run, installing a system that uses water at least twice before disposal would be incredibly beneficial.