Here is How Water Softeners Can Help You Save Money

While installing a water softener does cost money, it can actually help you save some extra cash in the future. Apart from reducing the number of harmful minerals in water, it can also keep your plumbing system cleaner and clog-free, which can then increase its lifespan and efficiency

Here are the other ways a water softener can help you save money:

Less detergent

When it comes to doing laundry, soft water requires as much as 50% less detergent. Hard water, on the other hand, contains minerals that can interfere with the effectiveness of the detergent. With soft water, you won’t have to buy detergent nearly as often and yet still get cleaner clothes. You can, furthermore, save on fabric softeners, as clothes can come out softer using soft water.

Extended lifespan of appliances

Some of the minerals in hard water can cause a scale buildup inside your pipes and appliances. This can restrict the flow of water in your fixtures and negatively affect the performances of your appliances. Kinetico Utah and other water softener providers note that this can potentially shorten their lifespan. Scale buildup, moreover, can cause staining on sinks and showers that will require effort and extra cleaning products for removal.

A reduced energy bill

Appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers function better with soft water. This is because there is no scale build-up that can clog the pipes and interfere with heat transfer. It is also good to know that water heaters use less electricity over a span of a year if it uses soft water instead of hard water.

Less use of soap and shampoo

Unlike hard water, soft water does not interfere with the lathering of soaps and shampoos. This is why you’re likely to use less of those products and save more. This also requires less water to rinse. Savings can add up quickly if you have many people in the house.

Start saving today money by installing a water softener system in your home. Contact a water softener company today to learn more about the best water softener option for your home.